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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.10. (A) PA 6

Domamid 6 G50 UV1 BK Near to pri...

RP GR black 2 to - Germany
PA 6 GF 50 original Bags [Show]
19.04. (G) PET

PET post-production

PrA BW transparent 200 to - Poland
We are looking for post-production PET transparent waste. Trays, thick rolls, preforms, lumps and more. [Show]
19.04. (A) PS

GPPS Mahlgut glasklar natrur tra...

PrA MG transparent 10,000 kg 0.01 EUR Poland
ir haben zu anbieten regelmässige Mengen von PS (GP) Mahlgut glasklar MFI 6.Post poroduktion. Die Ware ist aus unserem Lager in Wroclaw / Polen erhältlich, aktueller Bestand, PREIS, Verkaufs - und Lieferbedingungen, sowie auch evtl [Show]
19.04. (A) Additive

Antioxidans Irganox 1076 FD

OW GR white 360 kg 4.80 EUR Germany
Resisdue Antioxidans, 20 kg bags [Show]
19.04. (A) LD-PE


PrA GR black - - Spain
MFI 0,8 -1 100ton/month. [Show]
Sisan Masterbatch Grey GR-163825 
19.04. (A) Masterbatch

Sisan Masterbatch Grey GR-163825

OW PE grey 450 kg 5.60 EUR Germany
Residual Masterbatch Grey, Total Concentration: 54 %, Base Polymer: LDPE, Packing: 25 kg Valve closed bags [Show]
Sisan Masterbatch Brown KH-4886 
19.04. (A) Masterbatch

Sisan Masterbatch Brown KH-4886

OW PE brown 400 kg 5.35 EUR Germany
Residual Masterbatch Brown, Total Concentration: 50 %, Base Polymer: LDPE, Packing: 25 kg Valve closed bags [Show]
Biowert FlaxPP 
19.04. (A) NFC

Biowert FlaxPP

PrA GR nature 100 to 1.15 EUR Germany
fiber-reinforced compound, contents 50% flaxfiber, 50% PP, suitalbe for injection molding, light, dimensionally stable and temperature resistant, excellent abrasion resistance, high printability [Show]
19.04. (A) A-PET

Pet Mahlgut

PrA MG other 20,000 kg - Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten das MAhlut ex PET in Formen von: -Mahlgut ex Folie PET A, transparent,; ex Flaschen, sowie auch Mahlgut ex Angüsse aus Produktion, Ex Preforms. Genaue Mengen, Farbvarianten, aktuelle Verfügbarket, Preis und [Show]
LDPE with 20% PA Pellets 
19.04. (A) LD-PE

LDPE with 20% PA Pellets

RC RG transparent 70 to - Greece
We offer LDPE pellets with approx. 20% in pellets form. Transparent color, only coming from clean post industrial waste. [Show]
19.04. (A) PC/ABS

Bayblend T 85 natur

SO GR black 5,000 kg - Germany
Original [Show]
19.04. (A) PP

PP Mahlgut Ex- Braskem PP EP 440N

SO MG white 5,415.10 kg - Germany
19.04. (G) ASA

ASA S778T schwarz

SO MG black 5 to - Germany
19.04. (G) PC/ABS

PC-ABS schwarz

SO MG black 20 to - Germany [Show]
19.04. (G) PC

PC glasklar, weiss, h-grau oder ...

SO MG crystal clear 20 to - Germany [Show]
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