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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
23.05. (G) PEEK

VESTAKEEP oddments

PrA SO nature 2,000 kg - Germany
in natural colour, with and without glas fibres [Show]
18.05. (A) PEEK

Toll reprocessing of PEEK, PVDF,...

SO SO other 500 kg - Switzerland
Grinding, regranulation and sorting of PEEK, PVDF, PA11, PA12, and many other plastics [Show]
06.05. (G) PA 12

PA12 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
all unfilled extrusion grades in all colours [Show]
06.05. (G) PA 11

PA11 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
extrusion grade, in all colours [Show]
06.05. (G) PEEK

PEEK oddments

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
all unfilled PEEK grades, in all shapes [Show]
28.02. (G) PVDF

PVDF scraps and rejects, in natu...

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
injection moulding grades [Show]
PA12 Mingamid P40 black 
19.02. (A) PA 12

PA12 Mingamid P40 black

PrA PE black 10,000 kg - Switzerland
re-granulate [Show]
MingaPEEK 8 N 
19.02. (A) PEEK

MingaPEEK 8 N

PrA GR nature 1,000 kg - Switzerland
Victrex 450 G natural [Show]