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24.02. (G) PLA

PLA Granulates

RP GR nature 25 to 1.00 EUR Germany
I am looking for PLA granulates incl. offspec, rest, overstocked, repro, natural, dark color is also acceptable. if available, Pls send me your offer with photos, quantity. mein Email: [Show]
Bioblend LT25B (cPLA) 
21.02. (A) PLA

Bioblend LT25B (cPLA)

OW CP white 500 kg 2.40 EUR China
Bioblend LT25B is a modified PLA-blend. The grade is enhanced with a blend of natural mineral fillers. Bioblend LT grades are easy to process and prepared for a fast and efficient post-processing crystallization/annealing process. Bioblend LT25B is [Show]
06.02. (G) PLA

PLA stocklots wanted

RP GR other 50 to - Germany
Virgin or repro paletts [Show]
30.01. (G) PLA

PLA Natural

PrA MG nature 100 to - Germany
We require regularly PLA natural film in bales and rolls, lumps, regrind, regranulate. Please send your offer to [Show]
13.01. (G) PLA


PrA PE nature 100 to - Italy
PLA we have interest to buy any type of PLA regrind and pellets [Show]