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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
23.07. (A) PP


UB BW white 9 to - Germany
PP Big Bag Ballen Menge: 45 Ballen ca. 9 Tonnen [Show]
PP Big Bags 
19.07. (A) PP

PP Big Bags

PCA BW white 5 to 0.99 EUR Germany
Pressed BigBag the goods are sorted by type dust deposits-Waste products start-up lumps from our production of masterbatches Traglast 1000 Kg / HxBxT = 120x80x80 cm Traglast 1000 Kg / HxBxT = 110x105x105 cm Traglast 1400 Kg / HxBxT = 140x80x80 cm [Show]
PP Big Bags 
19.08. (A) PP

PP Big Bags

PCA BW other 5,000 kg 2.00 EUR Germany
You will receive Universal Big Bags as shown in different sizes. Size on request. 80*80*120 / 105*105*110 / 80*80*140 1000KG / 1000KG / 1400KG - Load capacity The Big Bags have been used once and may contain slight impurities. Plastic residues (dust) [Show]
09.09. (G) PP

PP BigBags

PCA BW other - - Germany
We are constantly looking for PP Big Bags in A and B quality. Please offer everything [Show]
25.07. (G) PP


PrA BW other 200 to - Turkey
We are looking for production wastes in any for PS - PP TRAYS / POTS 200 TONES / MONTH [Show]
16.08. (A) PP

A-Qualität, PP Big Bag whit...

PCA BW white 4,500 kg 0.25 EUR Germany
Article-No: 63-11-32-5-200 Material: PP Form: Big Bag Colour: white Type: post consumer waste Description: A-grade Packaging: bales Amount: 4500kg Price (EXW): 0,25 €/kg ------------------------------------------------------------- We have other [Show]
TPO offcuts black (Article-No: 88-3-21-6-20) 
16.08. (A) PP

TPO offcuts black (Article-No: 8...

PrA BW black 2,163 kg 0.20 EUR Germany
Article-No: 88-3-21-6-20 Material: TPO Form: offcuts Colour: black Type: production waste Description: Extrusion Packaging: bales Amount: 2163kg Price (EXW): 0,20€/kg ------------------------------------------------------------- We have other [Show]
02.09. (A) PP

PP - Linersäcke

PCA BW white 400 to - Germany
PP Linersäcke ex PTA Verpackung weiss in Ballen im Monat ca. 50 to. zur Zeit als Muster hier in Deutschland ca. 2,5 to zur Zeit stehen gute 400 to zur Verfügung [Show]
PP - Linersäcke 
02.09. (A) PP

PP - Linersäcke

PCA BW white 400 kg - Germany
PP Linersäcke ex PTA Packaging white in bales per month approx. 50 to. currently as a sample here in Germany about 2.5 to currently there are good 400 tons available [Show]
A-grade, PP big bag white (M-No: 268) 
04.09. (A) PP

A-grade, PP big bag white (M-No:...

PCA BW white 20 to 0.15 EUR Germany
Material-No: 268 Material: PP Form: big bag Colour: white Type: post consumer waste Description: A-grade, cutting down, actuell app. 30t on stock Packaging: bales Amount: app. 10MT Period: every months Loading weight: app. 8-10MT Price (EXW): [Show]
PP PET stripes 
19.08. (A) PP

PP PET stripes

PCA BW colored 20 to - Slovakia
We would like to offer you PP , PET stripes in bales various colors. More pictures available. Location: 97401 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia Price: 0€/t EX WORK [Show]
PP big bag 
20.08. (A) PP

PP big bag

PrA BW white 22 to 0.10 EUR Czech Republic
PP Net + 5% HDPE 
05.09. (A) PP

PP Net + 5% HDPE

PrA BW colored 19 to - Germany
PP Net + 5% HDPE -easy to separate, mainly natural 19 t - 59 bales – one full truck load ongoing [Show]
06.09. (A) PP Copo/Homo

Thermofil PP

OW CP nature - - Czech Republic
F620D00S - manufacturer Sumika, virgin material, 500 kg, color natural [Show]
19.08. (A) PP

Mosten ®

OW GR black 450 kg 1.10 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
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