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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
16.06. (G) PS

PS stocklots regrind-granules wa...

SO SO other - - Germany
PS stocklots wanted [Show]
26.05. (G) ABS

ABS regind wanted (Also with FR ...

PrA MG other - - Germany
Injection+Extrusion [Show]
26.05. (G) PS

Gesuch: PS- und ABS-Produktionsa...

PrA SO colored - - Germany
wir suchen PS- und ABS-Materialien:Anfahrbrocken, Platten, Rohre, Profile, Angüsse, Spritzgussteile, ... [Show]
17.06. (G) ABS

Chrom-Galvanik-ABS,PA,PBT & ...

SO SO other - - Germany
24.06. (G) ABS

We are looking for ABS regrind

PrA MG black - - Poland
We are looking for ABS regrind in black colour. The material should be clean and free from GF, FR, V0, V1 and talk and laque. Please send offers of full trucks loadings. [Show]
13.05. (G) ABS

ABS wanted

SO SO other - - Poland
We're looking for ABS grinded or scraps. Material should be clean, dry without FR and GF. Please send offers. [Show]
04.06. (G) ABS

ABS Regranulate with flame prote...

SO RG other - - Germany
We are constantly looking for high volumes of ABS Regranulate with flame protection (FR) [Show]
28.05. (G) PS

PS Granulat

PrA SO other - - Germany
PS Granulat, Regranulat, Mahlgut alle arten auch HFS , bunt [Show]
24.06. (A) HIPS


PrA GR grey - - Czech Republic
We offer HIPS granulat, MFI 5-8, light grey or black, regularly. [Show]
24.06. (A) ABS


PrA GR black - - Czech Republic
We produce granulate ABS MFI 16-22, black, regurarly. [Show]
07.06. (A) ABS


SO SO white 25 kg - Germany
07.06. (A) SAN

SAN Neuware Luran 368 R

OW GR white 25 kg - Germany
07.06. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Novodur HH106

OW GR black 25 kg - Germany
07.06. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Cycolac CRT3370

OW GR black 25 kg - Germany
07.06. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Magnum 3904

OW GR nature 40 kg - Germany
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