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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
11.09. (A) PVC-h

PVC S6532

OW PV nature 22,000 kg 0.80 EUR Netherlands
14.000 kg in bigbags 8000 kg in 25 kg bags [Show]
23.09. (A) PVC

PVC Labels-600 tons available.

PCA MG colored 600 to 0.02 EUR Croatia
On offer 600 tons of PVC labels. The material is pressed in bales. 3 bales per pallet. Price 20 Euro/Ton exw. [Show]
25.09. (G) PVC-w

soft pvc all kinds but must be c...

UB SO other - - Netherlands
we buy all kinds of soft pvc but it must be clean [Show]
25.09. (G) PVC-h


UB SO other - - Netherlands
25.09. (G) PVC-h

Wir suchen laufend Produktionsab...

PrA SO colored 200 to - Germany
und saubere Post-Consumer- / Post-Industrial- sowie Rückbaumaterialien u.a. aus PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PS und PA. [Show]
25.09. (G) PVC

Gesuch: PVC-Produktionsabfälle

PrA SO colored - - Germany
wir suchen Hart- und Weich-PVC-Materialien:Anfahrbrocken, Platten, Rohre, Profile, Angüsse, Spritzgussteile, ... [Show]
Weich PVC-Kabelmahlgut 
25.09. (A) PVC-w

Weich PVC-Kabelmahlgut

UB MG colored - - Germany
Unsere Firma produziert monatlich ca. 20-30t Weich PVC-Mahlgut aus der Kabelzerlegeanlage. Diese werden in Big Bags aufbewahrt. Bei Interesse bitte melden. [Show]
29.09. (G) PVC-w


PrA SO other - - Germany
Medizinabfälle,Schläuche, usw. gesucht [Show]
02.10. (A) PVC-h

PVC-hard regrind transparent, ex...

PrA MG transparent 10,663 kg 0.65 EUR Germany
Article-No: 79-44-24-6-26 Material: PVC-hard Form: regrind Colour: transparent Type: production waste Description: ex thermofoming film, blister Packaging: octabin, big bag Amount: 10663kg Price (EXW): 0,65€/kg [Show]
02.10. (A) PVC-w

PVC-soft, regrind coloured, extr...

PrA MG colored 1,420 kg 0.10 EUR Germany
Article-No: 80-44-7-6-118 Material: PVC-soft Form: regrind Colour: coloured Type: production waste Description: extrusion, ex cable sheathing Packaging: octabin Amount: 1420kg Price (EXW): 0,10€/kg [Show]
02.10. (A) PVC-w

Lifolit SG 60.0515/1, PVC-soft r...

PrA MG black 157 kg 0.35 EUR Germany
Article-No: 80-44-21-6- Material: PVC-soft Form: regrind Colour: black Type: production waste Description: Lifolit SG 60.0515/1 Packaging: octabin Amount: 157kg Price (EXW): 0,35€/kg ------------------------------------------------------------- [Show]
PVC - hard regrind white, extrusion ex profiles 
04.10. (A) PVC-h

PVC - hard regrind white, extrus...

PrA MG white 24 to 0.88 EUR Poland
white PVC, rigid, regrind, ex window profiles (production waste). Up to 24 tons monthly - constant delivery. Free samples on request [Show]
05.10. (A) PVC-h

PVC weich Mahlgut Folien

SO MG colored 721 kg - Germany
05.10. (A) PVC-h

PVC weich Mahlgut Shore A70-75

SO MG colored 430 kg - Germany
05.10. (A) PVC-h

PVC weich Mahlgut Shore A75-80

SO MG nature 495 kg - Germany
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