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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
24.02. (A) PC

PC Calibre 603-3

PrA MG transparent 13 to 1.10 EUR Slovenia
Different colours separted (smoky, brown, blue), all transparent. [Show]
PMMA 8N, regrind 
09.04. (A) PMMA

PMMA 8N, regrind

PrA MG crystal clear 45,000 kg 0.50 EUR Slovenia
PMMA regrind 8N, possible traces of PC, Transparent [Show]
18.05. (A) PBT

PBT Mahlgut Ex- Crastin SK601

SO MG colored 5,640 kg - Germany
PMMA Natural 
30.07. (A) PMMA

PMMA Natural

PrA SO nature 50 to - Germany
We're offering PMMA plates and offcuts natural from flat-screen TVs, ca. 50MT/month. We look forward to your enquiries! [Show]
18.08. (A) PC

PC Makrolon 2805 + 1% Masterbatc...

OW MG other 1,538 kg - Germany
PC Makrolon 2805 + 1% Masterbatch silber Mahlgut in Säcken auf Palette. [Show]
Ultradur B4300G6Q16 grey 5310 - PBT 
08.09. (A) PBT

Ultradur B4300G6Q16 grey 5310 - PBT

OW GR grey 250 kg 4.50 EUR Slovenia
We are selling 250kg of Ultradur B4300G6Q16 grey 5310 - virgin grade [Show]
Delrin 500P BK602 black - POM - virgin grade 
08.09. (A) POM

Delrin 500P BK602 black - POM - ...

OW GR black 225 kg 3.50 EUR Slovenia
We are selling POM - Delrin 500P BK602 black, virgin grade [Show]
09.09. (A) PMMA

Beadpolymers based on PMMA (out ...

OW PV white - - Germany
In addition to DYNACOLL®, DYNAPOL®, VESTOPLAST®, VESTOWAX®, SARAWAX®, POLYVEST, Evonik Industries AG also produces the DEGACRYL® product range. The last product is a product based on PMMA polymers and copolymers (bead [Show]
26.09. (A) PC

PC regrind transprent/natur extr...

PrA MG transparent 10,000 kg 0.10 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu bnbieten PC mahlgut tranparent natur extrusion. Die Ware ist ab unserem Lager EXW Wroclaw/ Südpolen erhältlich. Preis, genaue Mengen, Verkaufs und Lieferbedingiungen - noch zu vereinbaren, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns. [Show]
27.09. (A) PBT


OW PE nature 180 to - United States of America
We can offer the following now and ongoing monthly or weekly: PBT PRIME VIRGIN NATURAL RESIN PELLETS  Quantity: We have about 400,000 lbs (180 MT)  in gaylord boxes. Quality: Ultradur B 6550; a high viscosity PBT extrusion [Show]
28.09. (A) POM

Hostaform C9021

OW SO nature 25 to - Germany
Hostaform C9021 in nature with neutral packaging Octabin with certification, virgin material Only full truck orders Regular available [Show]
28.09. (A) PC

SABIC PC Lexan 123R – 111

OW GR transparent 20 to - Germany
Virgin Material [Show]
28.09. (A) PBT

PBTGF30FR ex Kingfa RG301 Farbe ...

PrA MG other 1 to - Germany
28.09. (A) PBT

PBTGX30 ex Valox natur Mahlgut

PrA MG nature 2.20 to - Germany
28.09. (A) PC

PC ex Makrolon 2245/LED/HC glask...

SO MG crystal clear 500 kg - Germany
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