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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.10. (A) PA 6

Domamid 6 G50 UV1 BK Near to pri...

RP GR black 2 to - Germany
PA 6 GF 50 original Bags [Show]
27.02. (A) MABS

ABS transparent permanent antist...

RP GR transparent 300 kg 9.50 EUR Germany
1-A Neuware Restposten ABS transparent mit Ausrüstung permanent antistatisch [Show]
27.02. (G) PVDF

PVDF scraps and rejects, in natu...

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
injection moulding grades [Show]
27.02. (A) POM

POM Regranulat Ex- Hostaform C 2521

SO RG black 114 kg - Germany
27.02. (G) HD-PE

PE80 - PE 100 Regranules - Black

PrA RG black 100 to - Germany
WE NEED ALSO PE80 and PE 100 granules too: Have you posibilities? Clour Black: Quantity: 100tons regulary Extrution [Show]
27.02. (G) other


RP SO other 200 to - Germany
For mask Production [Show]
27.02. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Novodur P2H-AT

OW GR nature 250 kg - Germany
27.02. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD Neuware Hostalen GC 7260

OW GR nature 338 kg - Germany
27.02. (A) PA 6.6

PA 66 Neuware Minlon IG38C1 BK434

OW GR other 1,060 kg - Germany
27.02. (A) PA 6.6

PA 66 Neuware Weromid 6.6 GF 15 LEL

OW GR black 1,007 kg - Germany
27.02. (A) PS


PCA MG transparent 2,000 kg 0.60 EUR Romania
27.02. (A) PC

pc from water bottles

PCA MG translucent 20,000 kg 0.90 EUR Romania
with labels under 1% [Show]
27.02. (A) PA 6/PA 6T

PA 6/6T, ex Grivory® HAT XE ...

RC MG white 20,000 kg 1.20 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
LDPE Regranulate 
27.02. (A) LD-PE

LDPE Regranulate

RC GR translucent 300 to 0.59 EUR Poland
Type of material: LDPE Regranulate Input material: LDPE waste Colour: natural Package: big bag - 1100kg Storage: protected from moisture in the warehouse Country of origin: Poland Melt Mass-Flow Index (MFI): 0,8 - 1,6 /60 sec (190°C /2,16 kg) [Show]
27.02. (G) G-PET

PET Mahlgut Farbe Transparent.

RP MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche zum kauf PET A, PET G, PET GAG. bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich. [Show]
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