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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
Bioblend LT25B (cPLA) 
21.02. (A) PLA

Bioblend LT25B (cPLA)

OW CP white 500 kg 2.40 EUR China
Bioblend LT25B is a modified PLA-blend. The grade is enhanced with a blend of natural mineral fillers. Bioblend LT grades are easy to process and prepared for a fast and efficient post-processing crystallization/annealing process. Bioblend LT25B is [Show]
XPE agglomerated, from foam production waste, very clean, regular basis 
21.02. (A) EPE

XPE agglomerated, from foam prod...

PrA AG black 48 to 0.09 EUR Turkey
21.02. (A) PEEK

Peek 450g Sprues - Black

OW SO black 320 kg - Germany
ca.320kg Peek 450g - Black available. [Show]
21.02. (G) A-PET

PET lumps

PrA SO nature 200 to - Germany
Contineously looking for PET lumps. Please contactus: [Show]
PET regrind 
21.02. (A) PET

PET regrind

PrA MG other 120 to - Poland
We can offer 120 tons of PET regrind in different colours: transparent natural, blue, green, mix color transparent and mix color opaque. The material has been produced from production waste of PET preforms. The material is clean and free from any [Show]
20.02. (A) Carbon black


- - Germany
1) N330: für schwarz Farbe : EUR1930 2) N220: Für Leitfähigkeit: EUR2275 mein Email: [Show]
20.02. (A) PVC-h


PrA GR white 22 to 0.95 EUR Romania
PVC pellets made from recycled PVC window profiles ; Cluj(Romania) [Show]
20.02. (G) PA 6

PA 6 G / MK-PAC6

PrA SO other 22 to - Hungary
Post production waste [Show]
20.02. (A) LD-PE


PCA BW nature 20 to 0.27 EUR Hungary
Exw Budapest; waste handling authorization required [Show]
20.02. (A) HD-PE


RP GR nature 1,400 kg 0.75 EUR Germany
20.02. (A) HD-PE

LUPOLEN 5031 L Q 449 K

RP GR nature 1,090 kg 0.50 EUR Germany
20.02. (A) HD-PE


PCA BW colored 20 to 0.32 EUR Hungary
Exw Budapest;waste handling aut. necessary [Show]
Arcel (70%PS+30%PE) 
20.02. (A) PS

Arcel (70%PS+30%PE)

PrA AG white 16 to 0.47 EUR Hungary
Ex packaging; melted ingot [Show]
TPV, pellets, 60 ShA, black 
20.02. (A) TPV

TPV, pellets, 60 ShA, black

PrA PE black 10 to 1.40 EUR Poland
TPV, pellets, hardness: 60 ShA, color: black, Availability: 20 t/m. Always the same quality. [Show]
HDPE pellets injection 
20.02. (A) HD-PE

HDPE pellets injection

RC GR black 90 to 0.77 EUR Lithuania
Recycled pellets MFR (190°C/5 kg): 12 g/10 min Color black Washed and clean Packed in 1 t. big bags Produced from HDPE bottles caps Regular quantities available. Price and TDS by request Factory in Bulgaria [Show]
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