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Recent entries

Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
31.10. (A) PC

PC Recompound PALSAFE R05 GF30

SO RC nature 2,365 kg - Germany
31.10. (G) LLD-PE

Produktionsabfall von LLDPE films

PrA SO nature - - Poland
We are constantly looking for LLDPE films on rolls or baled.Please send us your offers with pictures, warehouse address, price ex work to: [Show]
31.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF 30 schwarz

SO GR black 20,000 kg - Germany
Compound Spritzguss [Show]
31.10. (A) PA 6

Durethan BKV 30 schwarz

OW GR black 4,000 kg 2.00 EUR Germany
Originalmaterial Sackware WPZ vorhanden [Show]
31.10. (A) PP Copo/Homo

PPC schwarz

RC GR black 20,000 kg 0.82 EUR Germany
Recyclat MFI 8-12 ständig verfügbar [Show]
31.10. (A) PP Copo/Homo

PP natur Spritzguss

RC GR nature 4,000 kg 1.10 EUR Germany
Compound [Show]
31.10. (A) PP

PP natur

RC GR nature 4,000 kg 1.10 EUR Germany
Spritzguss helle Eigenfarbe [Show]
31.10. (A) PP-TV

PP TV 20 schwarz

RC GR black 10,000 kg 1.05 EUR Germany
Compound Spritzguss MI 10-12 [Show]
31.10. (A) ABS

ABS schwarz

RC GR black 3,000 kg 0.98 EUR Germany
Spritzguss MFI 16-20 [Show]
PA 6 MD 40 - Nature 
31.10. (A) PA 6

PA 6 MD 40 - Nature

OW GR nature 22,000 kg - Germany
Quality: PA 6 - MD 40 - tds available color: Nature packaging: Octabins quantity: 22.000 kg for more informations - just let me know [Show]