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Recent entries

Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
25.05. (A) PA 6

PA6 mix with GF and FR

RC MG black 12,000 kg 0.40 EUR Slovenia
different materials, some with GF and some FR [Show]
25.05. (G) PP

Polypropylen Homo/Copo

RC GR nature - 0.80 EUR Germany
Dear Ladies dn Gentlemen, I am looking for a reliable source for PP granules, natural, MFR 40-100. MFR and color must be constant across all batches. Need in the first year: ~ 12 to. [Show]
25.05. (G) TPU

TPU regrind and off grade granul...

PrA SO other 100 to - Germany
25.05. (A) PBT

PBT black CRASTIN CE2255 BK580

PrA MG black 18,000 kg - Czech Republic
regrind or regranulate [Show]
25.05. (A) PA 6.6

Ultramid A3 WG10 natur

OW GR nature 4.20 kg - Germany
Originalware mit WPZ [Show]
Stanyl TW371, PA 4.6 regrind, regranulate natural (Article-No: 490) 
24.05. (A) PA 4.6

Stanyl TW371, PA 4.6 regrind, re...

PrA MG nature 10,000 kg 0.40 EUR Germany
Article-No: 24-46-17-6-473 Material: PA 4.6 Form: regrind, regranulate Colour: natural Type: production waste Description: Stanyl TW371 Packaging: octabin, bags Amount: approx. 10000kg Price (EXW): 0,40 €/kg [Show]
24.05. (G) PA 6


PrA BW colored 100 to - Germany
Wir suchen kontinuirlich: PA PA 6 Faser . Bitte alles anbieten. [Show]
TPE Thermolast TC6 black, virgin material 
24.05. (A) TPE

TPE Thermolast TC6 black, virgin...

OW GR black 2 to 1.20 EUR Germany
We can offer: TPE Thermolast TC6 WEZ virgin material in black B102. The material is a remaining stock and in its original packaging (original bags). Quantity: 2 To. Packaging: original bags If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
24.05. (A) PPSU

Ultrason P3010 MR10 grey, regrind

PrA MG grey 3 to - Germany
We can offer: PPSU Ultrason P3010 MR10 regrind in grey. The material comes from our own grinding, is properly processed and very good dusted. Quantity: 3 To. Packaging: oktabin If you have any questions please contact us! [Show]
PP unv. ex Purell EP274P white, regrind 
24.05. (A) PP

PP unv. ex Purell EP274P white, ...

PrA MG white 3 to - Germany
We can offer: PP unv. ex Purell EP274P white regrind. Quantity: 3 To. Packaging: okbtabin If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]