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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.10. (A) PA 6

Domamid 6 G50 UV1 BK Near to pri...

RP GR black 2 to - Germany
PA 6 GF 50 original Bags [Show]
21.04. (G) PC

BorSafe ME3440

OW CP other 15 to - Austria
Dear Sir or Madam, we are looking for 10 - 30 t BorSafe ME3440 Please make us an offer. Best regards Bernd Blei SCM [Show]
21.04. (A) LLD-PE

Extrusionsqualität aus Rohren

RC MG colored 150,000 kg 0.60 EUR Germany
21.04. (A) PP Copolymer

Extrusionsqualität aus Rohren

RC MG colored 25,000 kg 0.60 EUR Germany
21.04. (A) PP

PP MAhlgut postproduktions sprit...

PrA MG other 20,000 kg 0.01 EUR Poland
Zu anbieten Post produktions Mahlgut Mix Spritzguss. aus Angüssen und Details. Regelmssige LKW-Mengen, wiederholbar...Verpackt in Oktabins. Einzellheiten - bitte Kontakt aufnehmen [Show]
TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA 
21.04. (A) TPE

TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA

OW GR nature 20,000 kg - Poland
Thermoplastic elastomer based on SEBS and polyolefins for injection molding, in natural color and 75 ShA hardness. Looking for a different type of elastomer, call or write. We will choose the material for your needs. [Show]
TPE, regranulate, natural, 17 ShA 
21.04. (A) TPE

TPE, regranulate, natural, 17 ShA

PrA RG nature 24,000 kg - Poland
TPE-S (SEBS), granulate, colour: natural, 17 ShA, very high quality. I can send a sample. [Show]
21.04. (A) PPS

Fortron® 4184 L 4

RC MG nature 4,000 kg 1.50 EUR Germany
. [Show]
TPV, regranulate, black, 60 ShA 
21.04. (A) TPV

TPV, regranulate, black, 60 ShA

RC RG black 20,000 kg - Poland
TPV, regranulate,colour: black, 60 ShA, post production and repeatable material, quantity 20 tons. [Show]
21.04. (A) POM

POM Recompound PALFORM RC25

SO RC nature 13,570 kg - Germany
21.04. (A) PBT

Starester 403M-G30 CT2 Black (PB...

OW GR black 1,975 kg 2.95 EUR Germany
Original goods with factory test certificate Bagged goods - 25 kg bags Pallets of 1,000 kg each [Show]
21.04. (G) PVDF


PrA SO other - - Germany
PVDF Produktionsabfälle, Spritzguss [Show]
21.04. (G) other

Looking for plastic scraps

SO SO other - - Austria
For our own production we are looking for plastic scraps. ABS,PS,PP,PE,PC,PA,POM,PVC,PET,.... parts, sheets, injection, boxes, palettes,... Also bales are possible. Mainly we are looking for post production scraps but also for used boxes, [Show]
21.04. (G) PC

Looking for PC

PrA MG other - - Austria
We are looking for PC regrind. Extrusion and Injection. Scraps are also possible. Please offer us everything you have!!! [Show]
21.04. (G) PA 6

Looking for PA6

PrA MG other - - Austria
We are looking for PA6 regrind with and without glasfiber Scraps are also possible. Please offer us everything you have!!! [Show]
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